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I have included prices on some of the enlargements of these murals to give a rough idea of prices in general.

Large ceiling mural in L.A.  Headboard mural on canvas & fitted to molding. Using elements of Boucher paintings.  This humorous mural was inspired by the original carved Neolithic stone embedded in the wall- centre-left of photo on the right.

Ceiling mural for the Southern California home of the Thompsons, founders of Herbalife
The caveman mural, acrylics & oils on a corner wall.

Mural on canvas installed with plaster moulding as headboard for the bed in the master bedroom. Composition made up of elements of both Boucher & Fragonard's paintings

Angels painted in a cupola of a domed bathroom.  A small detail of a large wall of hand-painted faux wood molding. The trompe l'oeil paper taped to the wall holds signature & date.

Sky with cherubs on a cupola of a bathroom ceiling
A small detail of a large faux bois mural, the moulding is painted & in this corner: a trompe l'oeil note with painted Scotch tape holds the signature

Egyptian mural. At the upper right corner you can see a television I had to paint around.  Outdoor mural of a Saturnalia.  Detail of pool wall in the previous image.

Egyptian mural. Oil painting on a kitchen wall.
A bachanal painted in acrylics in six exterior arhes
Detail of a wall beside an exterior swimming pool

Trompe l'oeil vegetable garland with parrot.

Fruit & vegetable garland with parrot to decorate a curved wall behind a bar in a client's home. Oil paints.

One of three walls of hand-painted wood paneling designed to match the oaken doors, which are the only things made of wood in the image.  Circular mural on a ceiling, the angels are portraits of the client's children.

One of two walls with an entirely hand-painted faux bois mural (designed to match the genuine hardwood doors) with trompe l'oeil painted niches for the client's prize Pit Bulls
Ceiling mural (above a spiral staircase) of a swirling sky with cherubs, three of which are portraits of the client's three children.

A painted window for a wall that got no natural light.

A trompe l'oeil stone wall with view of the Mediterranean

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