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Sketch of Houm 3  Painting, oil on hessian- Dr Daniel Solomon, life size 150 x 120 cm  Painting, oil on hessian- Dr Solomon, detail.  Painting, oil on hessian- Dr Solomon, detail.

Sketch of 'Houm' (1) my Thai dog. Oils on wood panel 50 x 65 cm
Portrait: Oil on canvas. Dr Daniel Solomon, life size. 150cm x 120
(5ft x 4ft). Dr Solomon collected my father's work for 30 years, he commissioned this portrait from me not long before he died. I composed him against a backdrop of two of my father's paintings: John Coltrane Jr to the left & his allegory of life to the right



 january 2010 18 x 14 inches (46 x 36 cm)  Painting, oil on canvas- Psychologist, Los Angeles 100 x 40cm  Painting, oil on canvas- Aadrian A Uyt Den Bogaard. 110 x 70cm  Painting, oil on canvas Aadrian A Uyt Den Bogaard, detail.  Painting, oil on canvas- Federica 105cm x 60cm (42in x 24in)

Portrait of a Californian.
Oils on canvas.
70 x 50 cm
Portrait of a psychologist, L.A.. Oils on canvas
100 x 70 cm
Portrait: Oil on canvas. Mr Aadrian A Uyt Den Bogaard. He asked to have the favourite painting from his collection in the background. It is an early Renaissance portrait of an Italian man showing the still new import from China: linguine! Beside Aadrian- his faithful retriever. To the right, a detail.
110cm x 70cm (44in x 28in)


Portrait: Oil on canvas. Frederica. 105cm x 60cm (42in x 24in). Frederica was my gipsy neighbour in the tiny 9th century Moorish town high in the mountains of southern Spain where I bought the ancient stone house she is pictured in front of. Painted with palette knives.



 Painting, oil on pastel paper- Andrew, London. 65 x 100cm  Bum- oils on panel 10 x 8 inches  Sketch of Houm 1- oils on board

Portrait: Oil on pastel paper. Andrew, London 65cm x 100cm (26in x 40in)
Sketch of an English bum. Oils on panel
25 x 20 cm
Sketch of 'Houm' (2) my Thai dog. Oils on wood panel 50 x 65 cm


Painting, oil on canvas- Ana de Los Chinos. 50 x 90cm  Painting, oil on canvas- Dr. Charles Petrozi, NY 124 x 70cm  Painting, oil on pastel paper- Dealer, Los Angeles (oil on paper) 50 x 30cm

Portrait: Oil on canvas. Ana de Los Chinos on a canvas 50cm x 90cm (20in x 36in). The foul mouthed spiritual mother of the tiny farming hamlet of 'Los Chinos' (the pebbles). She was about five feet tall & ran a little bar in the front room of her house. The year she died the town had no heart for its annual festival.
Portrait: oil on pastel paper. Dealer, Los Angeles.
50 x 30cm (20in x 12in).


Portrait, oil on canvas, Dr Charles Petrozi.
124 x 70 cm
(49in x 28 in)


Patches L.A. oils on linen. 13.5 x 10.5 inches (34 x 27 cm)  Sketch of Houm 2- oils on board  Painting, oil on canvas- Attorney, Beverly Hills 80 x 55cm  Painting, oil on canvas- Babbit 72 x 60 cm

Sketch of 'Houm' (3) my Thai dog. Oils on wood panel 50 x 65 cm
Portrait of Patcharapon Kachanapornpaisal.
Oils on canvas
60 x 40 cm
Portrait: Oil on canvas. Attorney, Beverly Hills
80cm x 55cm (32 x 22in).
Portrait: Oil on canvas. Babbitt (from Sinclair Lewis' novel)
72cm x 60cm (29in x 24in)


Homeless woman, NYC
John Zeuffle, life size Mike, oils on canvasFrench photographer Baroness Von Pfetten's childrenBaroness Von Pfetten's children

Homeless woman, NYC oils on canvas
80 x 60cm
Oil on canvas. Baroness Von Pfetten´s children as Velasquez' Meninas, each with one of the family dogs.
100cm x 60cm (39 x 23in)
Big John Zeuffle, life size. Oils on canvas 220 x 120 cm
Mike, oil on canvas
140 x 80 cm
French photographer, oil on canvas 120 x 70 cm


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