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Some free programs I have found very handy:

This ridiculously named free program has changed my virtual desktop. It is invisible but appears when you press alt/space bar, you then type the first letters of whatever program you're looking for & it will offer to open it for you- clears the desktop of icons.
Go here to download:

Clever Keys
Cleverkeys works with any program you're working in, just choose a word & hit control/l (L)
for to pop up with quotes from various sources; thesaurus & encyclopedia options also.
Go here to download:

Irfan View
This well known viewer has made its Bosnian developer famous. I find its filters good when I want to resize an image for the Internet, small without great loss of quality. The other neat feature I keep going back to Irfan for, is the batch conversion- simple & efficient.
Go here to download:

Audit my PC
Not software but a site full of useful programs written by Jim Maurer who generously offers them all for free. Speed tests, site map generators, spyware filters & detectors, firewalls & much more than I can list here. His instructions are clear, his site is easy to navigate & his programs are the best!
Go here to see everything Jim has to offer:

Fresh Download
Free download manager, No Ads. Faster downloads & if the download is interrupted it will resume where it left off.
Go here to download:

Alfa Clock
Enhances your taskbar clock (tray clock) with fully customizable clock display, alarms, time synchronization, popup calendar, time speaking and more.
Go here to download:
8th of May, 08- this useful little program, though still advertised on their web-site as free, has suddenly after many months of using it, started giving me pop-ups saying: pay or it will be removed in thirty days...

USB disc ejector
X-drive, i-pod & other USB devices ejector
, faster & simpler than Microsoft's built-in. USB ejector

SPAM fighter that uses the so-called 'Bayesian' filter, available stand-alone or as an Outlook plug-in. Fight SPAM

Hassle-Free PDF Text Extraction in Your Browser
Not a program but a Site that offers the free service of extracting text from those unalterable PDF files (unless you have Acrobat Professional), just upload the file & download the text (you lose the formatting). PDF text extraction

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